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Making a difference

In 2012-13 school year, 539 children in Central Oregon received a free to families health and developmental screening at events in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson County.

  • 74  children needed a full evaluation by Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Ed as indicated by their developmental assessment scores.
  • 146 children should get a full eye exam (children under 1 year are referred for InfantSEE)
  • 95 children should establish a medical home, visit their doctor for a health concern, or needed to update their immunizations.
  • 40 children should receive a hearing evaluation from Central Oregon Regional Programs.
  • 85 children had referrals for behavior concerns—these were referred to community resources (i.e. Head Start, parenting classes, mental health, relief nursery).
  • 112 children should come to a future screening to be checked again—they were borderline in any area and were given resources but we want to check in on them.
  • 142  children need to establish with a dentist and/or visit a dentist for various dental concerns
  • Parents of 43 children needed to follow-up on a car seat safety referral.

21 children were screened at shelters in Deschutes County

Overall, 497 parents received information and education on health, early childhood development, behavior, car seat safety and literacy

  49 children had no medical insurance

269 children were on the Oregon Health Plan

55 children had no primary health care provider

240 children did not have a dentist


Motor station picture


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