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All young children will have access to health and developmental screenings providing needed referrals, services, education and support to children and their parents so that they enter kindergarten healthy and developmentally prepared to learn.


Healthy Beginnings provides access to health, education and behavior services for young children and their families.


  • Parents are the most significant and first teachers and nurturers of children
  • Children begin to learn from the moment they are born
  • Early identification and treatment can assist children in reaching their highest potential
  • Collaboration and coordination between community agencies maximizes community resources
  • All parents need support to be able to nurture and teach children to succeed


  • To confirm the well-being of children and families.
  • To identify children at risk for developmental, psychological and physical concerns.
  • To provide parents with educational information, support and appropriate community referrals to assist them in caring, nurturing and teaching their children.
  • To provide follow-up services for families to determine if referral was completed and what additional services may be needed.
  • To serve as the connecting point between families and community agencies through collaboration and coordination.