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Our Advisers

Our Advisers

Healthy Beginnings is proud to acknowledge the plethora of expertise for whom we turn to in order to serve our community of children and families with the highest quality of care and knowledge.
Gabby Marshall OD, FCOVD
Owner of Elemental Eyecare

Active Vision Adviser for Healthy Beginnings. Gabby Marshall, OD, FCOVD, is the clinical director of Elemental Eyecare. In addition to providing comprehensive eye exams for children, she assesses, develops and directs the individualized vision therapy program for each patient. She is a graduate of Pacific University College of Optometry and a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD). She is a member of the Oregon Optometric Physician’s Association and the American Optometric Association. Dr. Gabby was the recipient of the 2001 Oregon Young Optometrist of the Year.

Dr. Deborah Coehlo, PhD
Owner of Juniper Ridge Pediatrics.

Active Evaluation and Medical Adviser to Healthy Beginnings. Debbie’s passion in life is to help children and families grow together in a healthy and fulfilling way.

Debbie has worked with families facing a variety of challenges for the past 30 years, including families with children with special health care and learning needs, families going through major transitions such as divorce or death of a family member, and families facing drug and alcohol abuse.

Kathryn Phillips
President and Founder of Total Behavior Management

Active Behavior Adviser to Healthy Beginnings. Kathryn Phillips, M.A., president and founder of Total Behavior Management, is a motivating,
dynamic, and thought-provoking presenter and consultant who believes that each child has
the right to reach his or her fullest potential in a safe learning environment. In her work, she
provides training and on-site consulting to make this vision a reality

Lori Brizee MS, RDN, LD, CSP
Owner of Central Oregon Nutrition Consultants

Active Nutrition Adviser to Healthy Beginnings. Lori’s 31 years of experience spans working with individuals of all ages–from premature infants to elderly adults, for a wide variety of conditions. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from University of California at Davis and her Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Washington. She has recently earned the credential of Certified Diabetes Educator.

Nancy Falkner
Retired Speech Pathologist

Active Speech Adviser to Healthy Beginnings

Dr. Paul Shales
Retired Pediatrician

Active Health Adviser to Healthy Beginnings.

Carolyn Nilsen

Active Hearing Adviser for Healthy Beginnings.

Dr. Mehdi Salari
Dentist at Skyline Dental

Active Dental Adviser to Healthy Beginnings

Diane Tipton
Director of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

Active Development, Concepts and Motor Adviser for Healthy Beginnings

Debbie Williams

Active Car Seat Safety Adviser to Healthy Beginnings

Dr. Cate Quas, DDS
Owner and Dentist at Blue Fish Dental

Active Dental Adviser to Healthy Beginnings