Every child deserves to enter kindergarten ready to learn, contribute, and thrive.

It’s estimated that nearly 40% of children enter kindergarten with a barrier to success. By providing FREE screenings to all families, Healthy Beginnings works to identify these barriers and connect families to life changing services; helping to ensure children enter school ready to succeed.

So, who shows us the way? In the early years, much of a child’s health and well-being is a puzzle. When our children have no, or very limited language, information we receive – even critical details – is provided in real time, and only in dribs and drabs. Yet, it’s those early years that are the most beneficial to ensuring the brightest future for our children.

We are here to solve some of this parental mystery by providing early health details, answers to questions, and above all else, peace of mind.

Each year, our health and development screenings cover the physical, social, emotional and developmental life of hundreds of children. We use standardized, state-of-the-art screening tools, and our experts are highly trained professionals in their area of expertise. Remarkably, every child in the tri-county area has access to this for free…because the future well-being of our community is priceless. Aren’t we lucky?

Why Healthy Beginnings?

Many people ask, “Doesn’t my doctor provide these screenings?” The answer is, yes, they do. But let’s be honest – the first few years of being a parent are a wild ride. It can be fun, messy, joyful, exhausting, stressful and complicated all in one day.

We believe parents need support — a tribe — in order to raise thriving children. We believe in meeting parents where they are and making access to support as easy as possible. We create connection and belonging so that children have an advocate and parents have a partner. When you come to a community screening, you receive a comprehensive health and behavior assessment that is an accurate starting point and bridge to a strong start for your child.

During our screening, we take our time with you and your child to learn what you know; notice the nuances you see. If a child’s development deserves closer observation or assessment, we will refer you to the best providers in Central Oregon for further evaluation and appropriate care. By empowering you with information and support, you become the champion for your child.

When parents feel supported, children thrive. When children thrive, the future is bright.