Family Portal

Raising little ones is a beautiful, terrifying, hilarious and exhausting endeavor; with every day bringing new joys and new questions. For every cuddle and I love you, there is a bead shoved up a nose or a toy train tossed into the toilet. We know that even the most diligent and dedicated parents sometimes wonder “Am I doing this right?” 

Healthy Beginnings goal is to encourage you to see all the things you are doing right, and to provide you information about the things to keep an eye out for, so you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying your beautiful and crazy life as a caretaker to a new tiny human. 

In addition to the screenings which provide assessments of your child’s development and health, you have access to our wealth of resources; updated regularly and gathered from the sources we know and trust. 

Please explore the links, subscribe to the blog, and keep an eye on the latest and greatest news in early childhood.