Stories from our Healthy Beginnings families

The Rodrigues Family
I brought my daughter to a screening because she was struggling with her numbers and letters. She is a smart girl, but no matter how much we worked with her at home she didn’t seem to be able to grasp the concepts. When we reached the screening we were able to rule out issues with her vision, and connected with an expert who referred us to a specialized preschool. They provided amazing support, and because of that we found our my daughter was struggling with dyslexia. Because Healthy beginnings was there to connect us, my little girl is now thriving in school, receiving the specialized support she needs.

The Pratt Family
I brought my 4 month old to a screening at Healthy Beginnings and was so impressed by the process. I was able to speak with experts in her development, and learned so much about what to expect as she grew. It was great to experience how she interacted with others and the information I gathered was invaluable. Thank you Healthy Beginnings.

The Sheldon Family
When I brought my two boys to a screening I was struggling. My three year old son was out of control, frequently throwing fits and unable to calm himself. His older brother had never had any issues, and my younger son’s behavior was starting to take a toll on the family. I thought it was all in my head, he must just be a typical 3 year old and we just got lucky with our first son. When I connected with the doctor and behavior expert at Healthy Beginnings, we learned that is wasn’t just me, he was struggling as well, and that the fits I had attributed to normal 3 year old boys, were not normal. They connected us with services where we lived, and I was able to get my son the help he needed, while learning how to adapt to meet his needs at home. Now the fits have stopped, and he really is the happy, sassy 3 year old he always wanted to be.

The Jacobs Family
I brought my son Leon to a screening with Healthy Beginnings 21 years ago when I was concerned about his speech. They did an speech assessment and the speech pathologist agreed, Leon needed additional services to address the delay. They connected us with the necessary resources and it made all the difference in his academic career. Today he is 25 and pursuing a graduate degree in Medicine. Thank you Healthy Beginnings for helping to ensure my son received the help he needed to succeed.