Healthy Beginnings

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Healthy Beginnings

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all our children enter their school life ready to learn, contribute, and thrive. We conduct free comprehensive, health and developmental assessments for children between 0-5 years old.

Our Partners

Our relationships within the medical community and early childhood education are more than partnerships. They’re essential. We consider our work as a bridge that connects families to early childhood services, parenting support, and the best pediatricians in Central Oregon.

Our Families

Central Oregon is one of the few lucky regions in the United States that offers free comprehensive, health and developmental screenings. Our community screenings are always free, and they’re meant for every child under the age of 5.

Our Volunteers

We attract the very best volunteers; men and women who are passionate and committed to serving children and families. Our screening stations are hosted by professionals in their field: Retired pediatricians, speech pathologists, behaviorists, school nurses, and licensed clinical social workers, to name a few.


It’s estimated that nearly 40% of children enter kindergarten with a barrier to success. By providing FREE screenings to all families, Healthy Beginnings works to identify these barriers and connect families to life changes services; helping to ensure children enter school ready to succeed.

“Healthy Beginnings friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers were amazing with my three month old daughter. Their professionalism, expertise and kindness are such an asset to our community. I trust their knowledge and resources to help guide us as we raise our daughter.” – Rachel M, Parent