Parent FAQs

Parent FAQs

What does it cost to attend a screening?
Nothing! Healthy Beginnings is a completely free service for all families, regardless of income.

Do I need to qualify for a Healthy Beginnings screening? Who is eligible?
If you have a child between the ages of 0 and 5 you qualify.

How long does the screening take?
Including check in, the full screening can take approximately an hour to an hour and a half. With that said, each screening station time varies (The longest being 10-15 minutes) so it will depend on how much time you would like to spend with each volunteer.

What happens after the screening?
If any potential concerns or recommendations are made at the screening, Healthy Beginnings will contact you 6 weeks after the date of the screening to check in on your child’s progress and assist with any difficulties that might have arisen in seeking assistance.

How often should my child attend a screening?
It is recommended that your child is screened at least three times before they enter kindergarten, though once a year is ideal if no concerns have been found. Re-screening may be recommended if the child would benefit from additional screening, but does not yet require a referral.

Do I need an appointment to attend?
No appointment is needed, with walk in hours set for each screening. However, when an appointment is made paperwork can be filled out in advance and the check in process will take less time.

Is there any fee for canceling my appointment?
There is no fee associated with canceling or rescheduling your appointment. Nor is there a fee for failing to cancel and no-showing. Through the staff will likely cry and call you to make sure you’re okay. If you are able to, please call to let us know you’re not coming, as this helps us know how many kiddos to expect. 

How to I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment through the website, or by calling the office at 541-383-6357.

Does a screening replace a well-child visit?
Healthy Beginnings Screening is meant to be utilized alongside your regular well-child visits. If you have recently attended a well-child visit, we can adapt the screening to only include the screening stations not already covered in your appointment.

Should I still attend a screening if I have no concerns about my child?
Yes! Even when no concerns are identified, Healthy Beginnings is designed to provide you with invaluable information about how you can help your child learn in fun new ways and enter kindergarten prepared to succeed.

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