What to bring and plan for before your child's screening

Preparing for a screening

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your screening

Step 1

Let us know you're coming by making an appointment online by clicking HERE or by calling the office at 541-383-6357. We offer a few walk-in appointments, but be sure to allow 30-45 minutes prior to the start of screening to complete intake materials.

Step 2

Bring a list of your questions as well as any relevant information about your child's history.

Step 3

Check in at the intake station.

From there, our intake specialist will explain the process, and will make sure you are visiting all the stations that are best for your child’s age and specific need.

You’ll find that the screening is like a resource fair with different stations to visit. At each station, there is a different early childhood specialist who will provide an activity and an assessment for your child. You [or a caregiver who has your permission to attend the screening with your child] will be invited to discuss your child’s specific needs and milestones, and then the screener will provide recommendations.  

What you need to bring/complete prior to screening

  1. The following links will be sent to you prior to the screening via email and/or text, and will be required to be completed before you can start the screening:  Intake/Permission Form, HIPPA release, ASQ and ASQ-SE Developmental Questionnaires.
  2. If you, the parent, are unable to attend the screening, a grandparent or caregiver may bring your child as long as they have a short permission slip from you (this can be a simple, “I, Jane Smith, give Sammy Jones permission to go through the screening with my child, Johnny,” and your signature).
  3. Start your screening with a well-fed, rested, curious child. It takes about an hour to 90 minutes to get through each of our stations with plenty of time to talk with our experts. We know your little one has a short window for engaging and staying interested. If possible, schedule your appointment for when your child is well rested. It’s also a good idea to offer a bathroom break before your screening.