What is a screening?

A screening is a evaluation done with your child to help identify their strengths and opportunities in a fun, interactive way. We play games, solve puzzles, hop on one foot; all with the goal of checking your child’s health and development.

With volunteer professionals at each station, you can be sure your child is interacting with experts in each area of development, and giving you, the caregiver, the best information possible on how to make the most out of your child’s vital first five years of development.

We all have a questions about our children; regardless of if they’re your first or 5th little one, new joys and challenges always arise with each new little person, because every child is unique. Healthy Beginnings helps answers these questions, and thanks to generous community support, it’s completely free for all families.

Each screening event is broken up into stations: Health, Behavior, Development, Hearing, Vision, Speech, Motor Skills, Concepts, Nutrition, Dental and Early Literacy. At each station, parents are encouraged to share any concerns, and ask questions. More information helps our experts identify a subtle nuance about your child, or even watch for something specific in the test.

Monthly screenings are held throughout the three Central Oregon counties. You can schedule a screening online here or by calling the office at 541-383-6357.