Team – Diane

Diane Murray-Fleck, LCSW, PCC
Executive Director

”You can choose comfort or you can choose courage, but you can’t have both.” Brene Brown

I started my career in non-profit as a social worker for both foster care and the school system where I learned that the root of the solution is prevention; solving the problem before it starts. Over the last 10 years since then, I worked as a consultant in team building and designing corporate culture as a leadership coach. The most impactful lesson I continued to learn in that role is that leadership isn’t about letters after your name or a fancy office, but about small daily choices to lead. I am very proud to be part of an organization that seeks to solve the problem before it starts. It respects and values children in order to solve some of the most complex issues we face, understanding that we must start with our children, and as early as possible.

In 2017, I accepted the role of executive director at Healthy Beginnings, which I saw as a perfect combination of my social justice roots and my expertise in team building and program management. I’m originally from near Buffalo, New York (Go Bills!). Sixteen years ago, my husband and I came to Oregon and fell in love with everything about it. I’m inspired, knowing that I could be playing a small part in improving this amazing state’s future.

I have 3 amazing children with my husband of 23 years, Scott. I love skiing, long hikes with my dog Porter, enjoying and participating in local theater, and camping where there is no cell coverage.